15+ Happy Valentine Day Activities Toddlers and Preschoolers Enjoy!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Fun Valentine Crafts from Fun Bible Activities for Kids

It’s time to think about fun Valentine Day activities toddlers and preschoolers can have fun with. Little Bear and I took a break for letters and started our Valentine fun last week and will finish it up this week. So I’ll be sharing ideas we’ve implemented along with my list of fun activities and crafts along with our Bible memory verses and stories for this week. While Valentine’s Day is still a bit “over his head” we did have a lovely day and I enjoyed the Valentiny-ness while he just enjoyed the fun! 🙂

Bible Verses for Valentine Smiles

The BEST “valentine” ever is found in John 3:16. Little Bear and I talked about how much God loves us – that Jesus even came to earth, died on the cross, ROSE AGAIN from the dead and is in heaven making a place for us! Definitely an AWESOME gift of love from God above!

Fridge for Fun Bible Activities for Kids Valentine Smiles

As my refrigerator can attest to, I made good use of one of the lovely Christian Valentine ideas from Ministry-to-Children.com with their John 3:16 word picture – that spells out Valentine using John 3:16. I read it to him several times. He didn’t get the Valentine part in the middle, but I’m betting some of my beloved seniors will enjoy it when I send it to them! And such a creative way to share the gospel on Valentine’s Day with any loved ones you aren’t sure about. 🙂

This week, we will be talking about another side of love on Valentine’s Day itself – love for others. Just as we learned last week that God loves all of us, we are also to love God and others – even our “enemies.” Happily for toddlers, they don’t usually have any real enemies. But they can have tussles with friends at daycare, little or big siblings, etc.

Love God Neighbors Enemies from Fun Bible Activities For Kids

This is such a great time to instill these truths from God into their hearts and minds – and then keep reinforcing them in the days, months, and years to come.

Singing of God’s Love

As you probably know, I consider songs vital for sharing God’s Word with our precious little ones! It sinks His Word deep in our hearts and minds. That’s why it’s so vital to teach our kids and grandkids to be cautious about what songs they listen to as they grow older, so as not feed our hearts and minds the wrong messages. Not to mention songs make for delightful Valentine Day activities toddlers and preschoolers love!

Some of the songs we sang this month were new, some we already had and all were delightful:

John 3:16 Songs For Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • For God so Loved the World – I have sung this many times in church and remembered it but found that it was VERY hard to locate. I finally found it sung by Aaron Shust on YouTube. Then I was able to track it to Amazon where I discovered it is only free if you purchase the extra “Unlimited” which I do not have. So I bought it on Amazon and now have it in my regular playlist and a new playlist I recently started – Doctrine for Kids. (That playlist has great songs – either Scripture songs or Scriptural truth songs – that teach vital truths of God’s Word! I enjoy it thoroughly and play it periodically when the grandkids are over to add even more great seeds of faith to their hearts.)
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Isn’t this a cute looking book – Jesus Loves Me – we have it and love it! 🙂 Sometimes I read it, sometimes I sing it, sometimes I mix it up. 🙂

Love God – Love Others – Love Enemies —>Songs

For our verses about loving God and loving neighbors it was a little tricky. These words are found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. In each book, they are a wee bit different – which is normal for eye witnesses AND may even represent different moments of teaching. It’s not a problem per se. But I wanted to be sure to match our memory verse to a song with the same words. So I went with the Matthew 22:37 passage as it matches a favorite song of mine, Love the Lord Your God, that was recorded by Lincoln Brewster

as well as Big Ministries

And happily, they are both free for those of us with Amazon Prime. 🙂 And if you don’t have Prime, they are quite inexpensive.

For loving neighbors – we are singing along with VeggieTales – it’s not available to me on Amazon but it IS on YouTube.

We also continue to LOVE the Cedarmont kids, including this one – This is My Commandment That You Love One Another!

I found a cute song on YouTube by “Mrs. Kate” for love your enemies. While not “perfect,” I was very happy with it. But do check it out first to be sure you are ok with it too. 🙂

You can find these and several other songs for kids (and a few that are not for kids but my grandkids love them) at my Valentine YouTube playlist. Just click here.

Reading Activities – Toddlers Preschoolers

Bible Stories: Showing God’s Love for Us

Jesus loves the little children

The Crucifixion and Resurrection are the best stories for showing God’s love but definitely a bit difficult for toddlers. I opted to save that for a few weeks from now as we prepare for Lent and Easter and this week focused on Jesus welcoming the children, using The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers, page 208. I coupled that with the song, Jesus Loves the Little Children. We talked about how it doesn’t matter what color your hair is, your eyes are, your skin is, etc. We all have red blood, we all came from Noah, we all came from Adam and GOD LOVES US ALL! 🙂

Bible Stories: Showing Love to God

I will share Gods love via Fun Bible Activities for Kids

My grandkids LOVE to be read to! That’s true any old time. And makes for enjoyable Valentine Day Activities toddlers and preschoolers enjoy as we cuddle together. I LOVED this little mini book, I Will Share God’s Love, full of ways we can show our love for God to God and to Others. It was a free download at Teachers Pay Teachers from So Blessed to Be a Teacher. I will have to add the caveat that I had great difficulty with printing it. I’m not sure why.

Bible Stories: Showing God’s Love to Others

For this goal, I went with a simplified version of the Good Samaritan – which was pretty hard to find! Danielle’s Place has a few versions of the Parable. Most were for members but click here for a few that don’t require membership.  That also has a couple of simple songs that go well with the story as well.

PreKinders.com had a very basic retelling on their minibooks page that I ended up using and adding to it on my own.

The Good Samaritan x 2 via Fun Bible Activities for Kids

Plus, I purchased a Good Samaritan printable mini book from Teachers Pay Teachers / Teaching-Autism. It’s a longer retelling so I left out some of it to make it a bit more toddler appropriate. But I think it will be a great resource over the next few years, along with the regular Rhyme Bible Storybook which has the full version of the Good Samaritan as well.

Valentine Stories

The Measured Mom has several cute Valentine readers to enjoy with our toddlers and preschoolers.  She has many for sale BUT she also has many free options including a packet of Valentine readers!  🙂


Preschooler & Toddler Valentine Day Activities

LEGO valentines via Fun Bible Activities For Kids

Of course, Valentine Day Activities Toddlers enjoy definitely include hands on activities. And I’ve got several fun ideas for our kids and grandkids. Like…

Have fun using LEGOs or other blocks to make heart shapes while talking about how God loves us and we can love God and love others.

Make Valentines for family and friends. RedTedArt.com has the cutest ideas for Valentines. I especially loved their tree trunk made with their arm and full of heart leaves as well as their hand flowers. We will definitely be working on those this Thursday and talking about how to show love to others this way.

More Valentines. We are also going to give TeachingMama.org‘s butterfly valentines a try.

Fun Valentine Pizza Ideas and more from Fun Bible Activities for Kids

Valentine Pizza – cheese only. We like to use Pillsbury Pizza dough and plan to make a heart-shaped pizza covered with RED pizza sauce (I like Boboli’s) and white mozzarella cheese. Yummy lunch and fun Valentine activity. We also cut out heart shapes from yellow cheese slices which could go on the pizza or just straight to the plate, which is what we did. Here’s one recipe video I found – isn’t the braid a cute idea?

Valentine Cinnamon rolls – We will be using the Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls to make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls complete with red food coloring and the cute red Wilton sprinkles I managed to get same day by ordering it with a print cartridge yesterday. Woo Hoo! 🙂  The following video shows how to make smaller hearts. To make bigger ones, don’t cut them in half. Use the whole roll – unroll it and bring it together at the top, pinched at the bottom for a bigger version.

RED MILK???? You never know with toddlers, but we will also be trying out a bit of red milk in honor of Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers has a cute Heart Number Bingo Tree that is currently free at TeachersPayTeachers. I used their picture. I pasted single digit numbers over the double digit numbers. Then I would call out numbers and he had heart stickers or dotters to mark the correct number.

Fun books for toddlers via Fun Bible Activities for Kids

Buggy and Buddy have a cute free animal charades printable for animal charades. I spotted it while looking and while it might not necessarily be Valentine-y it did look fun and easy so we enjoyed playing it and threw in some hearts to add that Valentine-y effect. 🙂 Plus animals remind us of NOAH who LOVED GOD with all his heart, soul, strength, and mind! Perfect for Little Bear. For toddlers, I recommend doing it with them together as a cooperative game – helping as needed. For older preschoolers, they can pick the card and not show you and make you guess and vice versa.

The animal charades idea worked well with a cute book I spotted at Enchanted Learning. It’s free – tho if you join up, it’s easier to print. And again, I added Valentine stickers to it to give it a Valentine-y feel for a fun and educational game.

Check THIS out! I can’t wait to try it! Edible strawberry ice cream play dough! With only two ingredients – powedered sugar and frosting. It sounds like fun! I’ll keep you posted as we are giving it a try on Thursday!

Cool ice cream edible play dough idea via Fun Bible Activities for Kids via KidsBibleFun

MORE Activities

Want even MORE Valentine ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Happy Valentines Day from Fun Bible Activities for Kids

I hope you found several fun Valentine Day Activities for toddlers and preschoolers that you and your kids or grandkids can enjoy, including plenty to point our hearts to our precious Lord and Savior. After this, we’re heading back to our letter fun – probably with F, G, H for the next post. Join us, won’t you? And have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!







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