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The very first post I typed for Fun Bible Activities for Kids was supposed to include directions for how I make coloring pages. But as I typed it, I realized I would need to put these directions into many of my planned future posts. That could definitely good boring for long-time readers. So instead, I’ve created this page for ALL the how-tos I’ll share in the coming posts.

And then, I cut those directions from the post, replaced them with a SEE THIS PAGE link, and voila ALL my directions, current and future, will be here along with this clickable Table of Contents.


Create Your Own Coloring Page

Make Your Own Coloring Pages with Clip Art
How to Use iPiccy to Make Coloring Pages

autumn clip art Bible verse for toddlers preschoolers

To make this coloring page, I took the photo above that I purchased from DepositPhotos, went to – clicked “edit a photo” – Clicked Open, Clicked My Computer, and picked the photo I had just downloaded to my download folder.

Then I clicked the wand with stars in the top far left (will show the words “Photo Effects” when you hover over it.  In the second to the left column – labeled “EDITOR,” scroll down to “PENCIL SKETCH.” Click that. If needed, move the little ball under the word “STRENGTH” til you are happy with it. BE SURE TO CLICK “APPLY.” Go to the top menu and click “SAVE.” Click “MY COMPUTER.”  Type the name you want for it and click save and save it on your computer where you want it. Easy Peasy! I really appreciate iPiccy and much of what they offer is totally free . Plus they have a paid version with options to save photos online, etc.

And by the way, VOILA – here’s the coloring page I made.

Fall coloring pages preschoolers - Bible Memory Malachi

Here’s another example I made, using a simpler clip art example.


one of two autumn coloring pages for toddlers and preschoolers

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