Fun Fall Bat Activities Preschoolers and Toddlers Enjoy

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Bat Activities Preschoolers and Toddlers Like

Bugs Bats activities preschoolers and toddlers can enjoy at Fun Bible Activities for KidsIn my neck of the woods, autumn is a delightful time full of brisk breezes, crunchy fall leaves, and cute critters popping in here and there.  The critter we are working on today isn’t one we normally see, though they are around. Then again, at this time of the year, you often see them on front porches or trick or treating. I’m talking about enjoying some fun fall BAT activities preschoolers and toddlers can enjoy. And yes, I’m definitely talking about the flying “squeaking” bats, not the baseball types.

My  grand-toddler’s favorite book, currently, is all about bugs. And since he LOVES to sit there and read it with me and go ick and yay about them, we got to talking about bats and how they eat bugs. Couple that with Halloween home decor and the fact that Batman is a popular character in his home in general, and voila, we have our topic. Hmmmm, how to meld that with fun Bible activities for kids?

God created bats AND bugs and all for good reasons! So, we decided to revisit the creation story AND learn more about bats, bugs, and mammals.  🙂

Bible Memory Verses Toddlers Preschoolers

This week, we reviewed Genesis 1:1 which we learned a few months ago and added in Genesis 1:25. A bit longer and a little confusing for a 2 year old so I used a very easy-read translation.*

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…

God made every kind of animal. He made the wild animals, the tame animals, and all the small crawling things. And God saw that this was good. (ERV**)

God created animals in color

I made this picture for Little Bear using the cute kids clip art by ScrappinDoodles. I also made a couple bat activities for preschoolers and toddlers with coloring pages for the two verses (email me at KidsBibleFun @ – without spaces – for a free pdf and to sign up for my free email with more fun and free printables +).

One of the great things about doing these projects with my grandkids is that they are a learning opportunity for me as well. I’m sure I learned this once, but I spotted this collection of ScrappinDoodles:

Bat activities preschoolers toddlers like included using ScrappinDoodles Mammals clip art

did some research, and RE-learned that bats are mammals. Very cool! I even turned it into coloring pages and a cute mini book for him.  I’m sure he won’t remember it by next year, but if we re-do it a few more times over the years he may remember his bat facts a lot better than me. (And hooray – he remembered a lot when he went home and told his mom and dad! 🙂 )

Reading Activities for Toddlers Preschoolers

Creation Bible Stories For Toddlers and Preschoolers

As I mentioned above, grand-toddler and I read stories about Creation a few months ago while memorizing “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Plus we revisited it earlier this autumn while talking about how God created the trees and plants. We enjoyed re-visiting those stories and more as we focused this week, specifically on God creating the animals.

Some of the books I used were Say & Pray Bible, The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers, The Rhyme Bible Storybook, and the Candle Bible for Toddlers.

Bat and Bug Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

A while back, our Dollar Tree offered several Level 3 non-fiction books for kids. They have lots of pictures and are quite interesting, though are definitely not toddler reading level. Probably not even preschooler level. EXCEPT THAT, Little Bear LOVES the Bugs book in that series. We look at the photos and read the name of the bugs. I don’t try to read it to him (well, I did – and he got totalllllllly bored.) BUT he requests it often, knows the bugs and bug names well, and each time, I share a different fact or 3. It’s been very enjoyable for both of us. And it made a perfect addition to our bat activities this week since bats eat LOTS of bugs – which we are VERY thankful for!

I don’t know if Dollar Tree still has that book and I couldn’t find it on Amazon. BUT I DID find a ton of other intriguing books on bugs as you can see below. These would definitely make great Christmas gifts for toddlers and preschoolers who love bugs – very educational gift ideas as well! And at least one of the books has stickers! Very cool! (I purposely made the pictures below BIG because – aren’t those COOL bug faces! 🙂 ) Yup, I DEFINITELY see at least of couple of these joining our book collection come Christmas! 🙂

DK Readers L2: Bugs Bugs Bugs!DK Readers L2: Bugs Bugs Bugs!DK Readers L2: Bugs Bugs Bugs!Big Book of BugsBig Book of BugsBig Book of BugsSuper Bug Encyclopedia: The Biggest, Fastest, Deadliest Creepy-Crawlers on the Planet (Super Encyclopedias)Super Bug Encyclopedia: The Biggest, Fastest, Deadliest Creepy-Crawlers on the Planet (Super Encyclopedias)Super Bug Encyclopedia: The Biggest, Fastest, Deadliest Creepy-Crawlers on the Planet (Super Encyclopedias)Everything You Need to Know About BugsEverything You Need to Know About BugsEverything You Need to Know About BugsPocket Genius: Bugs: Facts at Your FingertipsPocket Genius: Bugs: Facts at Your FingertipsPocket Genius: Bugs: Facts at Your FingertipsFollow the Trail: BugsFollow the Trail: BugsFollow the Trail: BugsEye Wonder: BugsEye Wonder: BugsEye Wonder: BugsUltimate Factivity Collection: Bugs (DK Ultimate Factivity Collection)Ultimate Factivity Collection: Bugs (DK Ultimate Factivity Collection)Ultimate Factivity Collection: Bugs (DK Ultimate Factivity Collection)Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)DK Readers L1: Bugs Hide and SeekDK Readers L1: Bugs Hide and SeekDK Readers L1: Bugs Hide and SeekBugs.Bugs.Bugs.Ultimate Sticker Book: Glow in the Dark: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)Ultimate Sticker Book: Glow in the Dark: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)Ultimate Sticker Book: Glow in the Dark: Bugs (Ultimate Sticker Books)Bugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy CreaturesBugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy CreaturesBugs, Bees, and Other Buzzy Creatures

While researching mammals, bats, and books, I discovered a new-to-me Dr. Seuss book on Mammals – “Is a Camel a Mammal.” The reading level is a bit over grand-toddler but I went ahead and ordered it and look forward to reading it to him next week – at least the page about bats with “Baby bats are called batlings, and bat moms, I hear, give birth to just one little batling each year.”  (Which isn’t totally true though mostly – apparently twins can occasionally run in bat families as well as human families 🙂 ).

Is a Camel a Mammal Is a Bat a Mammal Fun questions answers toddlers preschoolers

Fun Songs For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Christian Songs For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keeping with the bats, mammals, animals theme, I went hunting on YouTube and Amazon prime music and found some fun songs Little Bear really liked.

Toddler Bible Sing-Along (Creation Song) where they sing the whole story of Creation by days. Fun for learning and for counting!

God made all the animals – very fun. Grand-toddler and I both loved singing along with this one!

God made animals – this is actually two videos combined and both are fun to sing.

Bat Videos For Kids

I also found some interesting bat videos. This was my favorite and we actually watched about half, which covered the things he and I had talked about.

One that I am NOT sharing was by two little girls. They did offer disclaimers NOT to do what they do, but I turned it off when they were shown with arms out and bats hanging from their clothes. I realize they probably did it safely but I do NOT think that is wise to show little kids (or even some older ones). Hopefully we will NEVER find an injured bat but I am already teaching Little Bear that if he ever sees one, NEVER NEVER NEVER touch it. 😉

Yet another reason to monitor any YouTube use carefully. I actually subscribe to YouTube Red so have no commercials when we watch. And I monitor it closely, whether I’m watching with Grand-Toddler or Grand-Teen!  🙂

Click here to find all these videos and a couple of others that were much longer at my YouTube Video channel. 

Amazon Prime Music Creation Songs

A new addition to my Amazon Prime playlist was “In the Beginning. This album, a new “Sing Through the BIble” series by Mary Rice Hopkins,  tells – via song – several stories in Genesis. The first 3-4 songs are all about Creation!

More fun bat rhymes & tunes for toddlers & preschoolers

Childcare eLounge has some cute bat songs and rhymes. We enjoyed:

Little Bats – A four verse counting song  that goes to 5 which we loved. It started…
“1 little bat was trying to behave.
He hung upside down from his feet in a cave.
Another bat flew in, and said, “How do you do?”
The second joined the first, and then there were 2…

Five Bats
Five black bats ready to soar
One stayed behind, now there are four…

They also had Spooky Bats (which wasn’t really spooky) and Bats are sleeping (sung to the tune of Frere Jacques) but we ran out of time before we got to those. 🙂

Cool Bat Video Montage

And this is just plain cool to watch 🙂

Bat Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Playdoh Bat Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Bat Play-doh activities for toddlers preschoolers green 600

Play-doh bat activities for preschoolers and toddlers are fun BUT challenging. OK, I freely admit it. This year, I did most of the work and he had fun poking, prodding, and pushing. Next year, he’ll do more and I’ll do less.  We used play-doh. Probably would have been easier to get a bat cookie cutter which they do make – but you have to get them with several others I know I would never use. So we gave this a try. We both had a lot of fun and it doesn’t look TOOOOO bad. 🙂

Of course, another fun way to do it would be with a favorite of one of my granddaughters. She’s been working with homemade playdough. Here’s a fun video to show the recipe and how to make that. 🙂

Batman Coloring Pages

Fun autumn exercise bat-man activities preschoolers toddler love

As I mentioned, Batman is an important character in my grand-toddler’s home – not to mention with his cousins. In fact, Little Bear even has his very own Batmobile, so we threw a little of him in the mix with coloring pages while talking about the fact that Batman fights for good against evil, works politely with the police department, respects police officers, and is a positive example for us all. (Now granted, I grew up with Adam West’s Batman and I know Batman has gotten darker over the years. But I checked with one of my kids who said that is still basically true? Hopefully! 🙂

Bat Coloring and Activity Pages for Toddlers Preschoolers

More reading activities for toddlers preschoolers 600

Enchanted Learning had several fun activity pages – even if you aren’t a member. They have pages on bats and pages on insects. They even had a fun little reader that included grasshoppers – another of the insects that bats eat! We did have a good time working on and reading a few of them, as I continued to emphasize that God was so creative to create insects to feed bats. After a bit more research, I also explained that bats provide food for hawks, owls, and snakes – to name a few.  It’s truly fascinating to learn science with our little ones, isn’t it?

Using the mammals and bugs cute clip art from  ScrappinDoodles, I made a cute coloring page* (see photo at top for the colored version – though the coloring page has Bat facts for the words) as well as a fun game Little Bear had fun running around playing.

I printed out several bugs. I also cut out a bat from one of our print outs.  Then I got an empty toilet paper roll. Since my stapler wouldn’t slide in, I cut a strip out of the back of the toilet paper roll. I was then able to easily staple the bat onto the toilet paper roll and it stood up quite nicely.

Grand-toddler took the bat and “flew it” around the room, diving down for each bug. His bat “ate” each bug, one at a time (which grandma then threw into the wastebasket) and he was off to find another bug.

More Bat Facts For Parents & Grandparents

Did you know that

“Most bats eat insects and are called insectivores. These bats like to eat beetles, moths, mosquitoes, and more. And they sure do eat a lot of insects. Did you know that one little brown bat can eat up to 500 mosquito-sized insects in an hour? Now that’s a lot of insects. And some bat colonies have millions of bats! Just imagine how many more insects there might be without these insectivorous bats. ” Ask A Biologist


“They frequently eat insects such as moths, crickets, locusts, fruit flies, gnats, beetles, mosquitoes, and other bugs.” Wildlife Animal Control 

Little Bear and I had fun talking about how awesome God is to create this interesting creature who eats so many bugs we find yucky! I love looking for ways throughout the day to weave the love of God and learning more about God all throughout the activities we enjoy – continually looking for ways of applying Deuteronomy 11!

More Bat Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers
  • DLTK has several more fun ideas and projects centered around bats, including a few handprint ideas.
  • Yellow Days also had some great activity ideas.

Our Bat AND Batman Critter activities Were FUN!

Batman sweat suit for boys girls

Well, we had fun working on bats and he really did learn a lot. His parents were quite impressed at all he remembered when he told them about it! 🙂

Halloween comes tomorrow. After that, we’re staying in autumn but moving on to being thankful for THANKSGIVING. And that will be followed by Advent and Christmas, including the cool Truth in the Tinsel program.  Talk about fun Advent and Christmas activities for toddlers and preschoolers. I’m really looking forward to them. Do join us, won’t you!

P.S. Would you like the coloring page* I made of the bats and bugs? Just email me at KidsBibleFun @ – without spaces – for a free pdf and to sign up for my free email with more fun and free printables +

P.P.S. **ERV Easy-To-Read Version Bible – Written at a third-grade reading level, with very short sentences and using a limited vocabulary, the ERV is one of the simplest easy-to-read translations available though not always as accurate as one might like. For example, in Jeremiah 17:9 it translates heart as mind.  So I rarely use it. But in this case, I thought it made it a bit easier for 2 year old grand-toddler. 🙂

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