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Fun With Alphabet Letters For Toddlers +

We B having fun with Bible alphabet letters for toddlers BBig B Little B We had fun with B! Little Bear and I enjoyed reading my little minibook printable I made with last week’s and this week’s Bible Memory verses, creating with cookie dough, fun videos all about B and Bible verses, zooming with big BOXES and Hot Wheels, and more. And Punkin Doodle liked all the songs as much as Little Bear!

Bible Memory Verse For Toddlers

Our “B” Bible memory verse this week, following along with the Bible Alphabet Song from Psalty’s Camping Adventure, was:

Alphabet Bible memory verses Letter B Believe on the Lord Jesus color

Along with my memory page above and my coloring page for it, I also made a minibook printable to match my goal of Bible alphabet letters for toddlers that shared about Jesus being born, Jesus teaching people to love God, Jesus healing people, the leaders putting Him to death, then He rose again and HE’S ALIVE! And in the process, the minibook also shared last week’s verse that “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” along with this week’s verse:

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

Acts 16:31

He does love those minibooks and we read this one 2-3 times.  🙂

(The Bible memory verse page, coloring page and mini printable page plus another fun worksheet are all in the free resources for members. Click here to sign up.)

My Youtube Alphabet Songs + for Toddlers

Yup, I centered many of our songs around our “B” Bible alphabet letters for toddlers:

  • Psalty’s Bible Alphabet Song – we listened to the whole song and focused on letter B for Believe on the Lord Jesus
  • Sesame Street’s Letter of the Day – B – always one of his favorites!
  • Letter B Song by Have Fun Teaching – This song was a lot of fun with a good beat. We marched all around the house a few times, “bopping” to it!

I also picked some fun “Bible alphabet songs for kids” that pretty much started with the letter B:

  • The B-I-B-L-E
  • Be Careful Little Eyes
  • Believe in the Lord Jesus
  • This I BELIEVE (the Creed) by Hillsong
  • We BELIEVE by Newsboys

Plus we listened to our regular songs that I’ve collected over the past few months including his faves and mine like:

  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Rejoice in the Lord always
  • Noah’s Arky Arky
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • God so Loved the World
  • Hallelu Hallelu
  • And more

We do love joy-filled music, can you tell?  🙂

Alphabet Books for Kids

We enjoyed re-reading Dr. Seuss’ ABC along with some cute printables I purchased from TheMeasuredMom and TeachersPayingTeachers, as well as a little printable book he is reading for his weekly preschool class. And, of course, the Bible minibook printable I created. Again, all of these were centered on alphabet letters for toddlers in general or specifically the letter “B.”

Alphabet Activities Toddlers Enjoy

Thanks to the wonders of Amazon and Walmart, we always have plenty of boxes. In the morning, I had brought a Box in for him to play in. I put a couple of pieces of chalk into it and thought he might enjoy drawing on the walls. He arrived and was totally NOT interested in said box. At all! That’s OK. That’s toddlers, right? 🙂 So I put the box out in the garage to make more room inside. BUT FIRST I pointed out that BOX started with B (love to work on those alphabet letters for toddlers 🙂 ).

Cool Cars and Cool Road for Cars at Fun Bible Activities For Kids

While playing with his Hot Wheels later that afternoon, I came up with the idea to bring in that BOX (and yes, I emphasized the B in BOX) and use it at a slanted surface to make a fast zooming “slide” for his cars. Oh my, we both had fun with that! Then HE decided to climb inside and play hide n seek. Gotta love our cute toddlers!

I also took an idea from the Toddler Activities Package created by Hands on As We Grow and  used tape to make a road on one end of our worktable on the white tablecloth complete with parking spots. He had fun playing with it and when I was tidying later that night I found he had parked 5 cars into the 3 parking spots. Sounds like many drivers I see on the real road. 🙂

Fun Alphabet Baking Activities For Kids

Big B Little B at Fun Bible Activities for Kids

Of course, we had to have some baking fun. I whipped up 1/2 of the final Betty Crocker sugar cookie mixes from Christmas, using BLUE food coloring to make BLUE cookies. They’re harder to find now, so Pillsbury refrigerator cookie dough, here we come!

This time, we made a B with a cookie cutter AND a B with handmade snakes. We both liked the cookie cutter B the best. Plus we had fun with BLUE gingerbread BOYS as well. 🙂

B for BRAIN Activities for Toddlers

Fun with Letters via Measured Mom at Fun Bible Activities For Kids

  • Little Bear had fun working on a couple of his favorite wooden puzzles including his alphabet and fish puzzles.
  • I printed out a page of Bs from TheMeasuredMom.com and Little Bear worked hard to match his colored squares with the B that was closest in color.
  • Do a Dot page was a hit last week. So naturally, I printed a couple out for this week with the Letter B.  We were so busy with other projects that he opted to skip those this week, which was fine. At this stage, I make sure I have plenty of interesting and educational plans to offer so he can pick and choose a bit. (By the way, one of the printables was mine and it’s in the free subscriber resources 🙂 ).

  • In case you are wondering, one of the reasons we didn’t get to those is because we had such a great time working on one of his Christmas gifts – Start-Up CIRCUITS. This kit has a fan, a flashlight, and a siren. It’s a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills) kit from MindWare and “is a fun way to teach your child the abstract concept of circuitry. The switch blocks and action tops are easy to snap together and the buttons are the perfect size for little fingers.” (Click here or see more below, if interested.)
  • i have to say, we both enjoyed it thoroughly and we BOTH learned some interesting things about electricity. 🙂 AND we talked about batteries B and alarm BLARING – B. 🙂
  • Beads – we pulled out our BEADS and their shoelaces and he had fun putting some on the shoelaces and more on his fingers as we talked about B-B-Beads.
  • I had also planned on turning potatoes into “potato bugs” with the help of tees, pipecleaners, stickers, and more. But time came to an end happily so we will save that for another day.

More Alphabet Fun to Come +

Bible Alphabet Letters for Toddlers at Fun Bible Activities for Kids B

Next week is C and I have more fun things planned – including TWO Bible memory verses for a reason I’ll explain then. After that comes D and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day fun arrives next month. Do join us, won’t you? And don’t forget – click here to sign up for free updates and the printables from today and previous posts. 🙂


P.S. Are you interested in learning more about Start-Up CIRCUITS for toddlers? 

Per Amazon: Start-Up CIRCUITS is great for “CURIOUS KIDS: With a light that glows, a fan that spins and a siren that whistles, Start-Up Circuits from MindWare will delight children as they learn how a circuit is a circle that can make fun things happen.
MIX AND MATCH: Your curious child can mix and match the switch blocks and action tops simply by snapping them together. Make sure the red line is continuous across both pieces to complete the circuit.
INTERCHANGABLE PIECES: Your child can experiment with each different combination to create actual working pieces. A bright red line represents the wire inside each piece. When the line makes a continuous path across a switch block and action top, and the switch is pressed or pushed, the Star-Up Circuit springs into action.
INCLUDES: 3 different action tops that light up, whistle and whirl. 3 different blocks to push, slide and flip. Instructions and Parents Guide are also included. (Ages 2 to 6)” Click here or on the photo to learn more:

I have to say, I’m rather impressed and intrigued with MindWare’s products. If you’d also like to see more of their STEM ideas for young kids and grandkids:



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